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In their early weeks and months in
office, presidents and their advisers tend to commit the same structure
and process errors, hobbling their administrations until they stop
making such rookie mistakes. Nearly every major action by the Trump
administration since Inauguration Day has shown both the naiveté and
inexperience of the new president’s team, with its poor work product
reflecting hasty drafting by a small political team that’s disconnected
from the realities of implementation. You can see these errors in
Trump’s federal hiring freeze, his ban on new refugee admissions, his border wall plan, and his shake-up
of the National Security Council. In time, mistakes will undermine each
of these orders, making it unlikely that Trump’s vision is ever

(via Why the Trump administration keeps screwing up.)

Bob Bruhin

Bob Bruhin is a web developer, tour guide, art photographer, author, blogger, and graphic designer. His love of urban landscapes, especially in post-industrial Philadelphia, PA, leads him to document some of the darker corners of his city.


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