Monthly Archive: January, 2020

Love Magic for Valentine’s Day Hosted By Helena Domenic

Sunday, February 2 at 1 PM – 3 PM

Celestial Portal
131 Mill Alley, Downingtown, PA 19335, Downingtown, Pennsylvania 19335

Self Investment $10

Are you still searching for your true love? Are you seeking a Soul Mate? What is Soul Mate anyway? In this class, we will learn what a Soul Mate is and what a Twin Flame is…. whether you want either of these in your life, and more ! We will explore how to use magic to attract the kind of person you want to you…. and how to bring love into your life….

Bring a notebook and pen, and a list of qualities you want in a partner

Our teacher for this class is Helena Domenic, and experienced ritualist and magic worker for over 30 years

Source: Love Magic for Valentine’s Day Hosted By Helena Domenic

High Winds and Dark Waters ~ Witcheries for Dark Times, part 3 of 3 – Glasse Witch Cottage

This is the age of overstimulation – of so many concerns vying for our attention that intellectual, emotional and focus burnout is a daily occurrence for many people.  When we look at the needs of the world, or even just our individual countries, it’s easy to become overwhelmed: poverty, climate change, war, illness, natural disasters, politics…the list is bottomless.

This blog series is all about responding to the world in ways that are useful and productive.  I approach new onslaughts of awful with a three-part response: &