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People tell us we’re their key to the city. 

Our writers and photographers bring back stories that help you understand Philadelphia and how it’s changing. We document what’s disappearing and what’s coming, let you know when buildings are threatened or vulnerable, and take you inside places you’ve alway been curious about. 

“Support for Hidden City Philadelphia could not be more important or exciting as they share their insights and the history of the area with all of us.”–a reader

In the last three years the Hidden City Daily has published more than 2,000 stories–of original reporting, insight, and analysis. We’re independent, which means we work for you. We look at the city’s history and imagine the city’s future. And we do it all in a format that’s fun and engaging to read. 

We pledge to you another year of independent, original content–the sharpest writing and very best photography with minimal advertising.

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Bob Bruhin

Bob Bruhin is a web developer, tour guide, art photographer, author, blogger, and graphic designer. His love of urban landscapes, especially in post-industrial Philadelphia, PA, leads him to document some of the darker corners of his city.


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