First, do the research. Find out about the culture of birth, so you can feel like an informed consumer. Read “The Thinking Woman’s Guide to a Better Birth” by Henci Goer (to be sold at Mama’s!). Watch the Business of Being Born. Second, take a birth class not affiliated with a hospital. Keep and open mind and ask a ton of questions. Take some time to tune in to your diet…eating well is the cornerstone of a healthy pregnancy. Along the same lines, spend some time moving your body, walking, yoga, pilates, not only for the physical health aspect, but for that much needed stress relief from modern living. Finally, soak in some serious lovin’ time with your partner. When new baby comes, you’ll be glad you did!

Bob Bruhin

Bob Bruhin is a web developer, tour guide, art photographer, author, blogger, and graphic designer. His love of urban landscapes, especially in post-industrial Philadelphia, PA, leads him to document some of the darker corners of his city.


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