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Since China first reported an atypical cluster of pneumonia cases in Wuhan in late December, myths abound about the virus responsible for the outbreak, the novel coronavirus. To combat misinformation, the Annenberg Public Policy Center’s has published a series of articles countering common misunderstandings and mistruths. Source: debunks coronavirus myths | Penn Today

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It is murky out there. It has been this way for a long time. There are roiling atmospheres of complicated astrological conditions that will persist for years. There are currents and crosscurrents of cultures, ideologies, and religions moving and colliding into whirlpools and riptides. And all that is churning while the icecaps are melting.  There are pundits, prophets, and profiteers with axes to grind. It seems a safe bet to put your money on cynicism, apocalyptic narratives, and apathy as respite.

Stop and take a deep breath