Hexwork- A Spellbinding Burlesk Revue

The Equinox of the Gods has come. The Sun is set to return and the witches of Hexwork are ready to celebrate the only way they know how: With sexy, sensuous burlesque.  This year, we’re living deliciously with Flor Ferrari, Haleigh Moon, Kitana Kedavra,  Margo Marz,  MasoKiss, Nastya Nice and Ricky Rosé, with Virgin Sacrifice Crystal Black, all the way from Washington, DC!  High Priestess Eyrie Twylite officiates our ritual while stage satyr Clint Essential manages the mischief.  This evening of entertainment will leave you charged and ready to seize the promises of spring!


Loom of the Possible – PaganSquare – PaganSquare – Join the conversation!

The next four to five years will  be transformative, tumultuous, and be remembered for centuries as a major crossroads in history particularly for the United States. Not one, but all the core problems of the nation will rise up and require action. The astrology is very clear on the inevitability of profound change, the end of one book and the beginning of another. For some this may suggest doom and gloom, but that is fear talking. Times such as these are when the loom of the possible becomes visible and accessible. The astrological conditions may be likened to the warp, the stra

‘It had to come down,’ says Penn grad who sculpted city’s controversial Frank Rizzo statue | The Daily Pennsylvanian

The statue’s sculptor, Zenos Frudakis, received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Fine Arts from Penn in 1982 and 1983, respectively. Frudakis said when he understood how the statue was painful to Black residents of Philadelphia, he realized “it had to come down.” “I don’t want to hurt people,” Frudakis said. “It’s also kind of a distraction right now. Now that it’s...